Navtor opens a new office in Poland and lands a strong investment

Navtor has opened a new office in Gdansk, Poland, and expanded its software development network to Houston, St. Petersburg and Egersund, Norway. CEO Tor Svane sees the move as a continuation of the company’s development because it creates a wide-ranging product portfolio on the foundations of Navtor’s e-navigation and intelligent shipping business. “We are opening a new headquarters dedicated to accelerating the development of cloud-based AI solutions and complementing our existing software development networks in Houston and St. Petersburg.”

The move strengthens the ability of companies to develop new products, including ground-breaking cruise solutions, that build on the company’s existing global customer base. Based on a porno-portfolio of innovative e-navigation solutions such as NavStation, the world’s first digital map table, and NavBox, the first certified cyber-secure gateway connecting ships to the mainland, Navtor is expanding its global network from seven full-time offices to more than 20 subsidiaries and distributors.

Navtor is based in Egersund and has a team of professionals with extensive experience in the development, market, distribution and support of official electronic maps and navigation information services for professionals in the maritime market. The headquarters used to be in Stavanger, but since Navtor was founded, the company has returned to shipping. Recalling the actions of Silicon Valley ACEL and KKR, a $10 billion capital commitment to open new offices in Germany and Denmark, the purchase of Houston Tres Solutions to improve the environment and reduce operating costs and the launch of the Navfleet Navstation 60.

The plan is to expand

Navtor, a leading provider of navigation software to the maritime industry, announced today that it has acquired a majority stake in Accel and KKR, leading global software investment firms based in Silicon Valley. Navtor has established itself as the world’s leading provider of innovative e-navigation solutions since its launch in 2011, and is a full-service provider of navigation products and services for the maritime sector. Navigation company Navtor announced that Tor A. Svane, founder of C-Map Roksa Norway, has been appointed Managing Director.

Navtor is the world-leading provider of cloud-based electronic navigation solutions including electronic nautical charts (ECCs), digital maritime publications, route optimization and fleet management with an integrated platform that provides navigators with essential travel information to address complex transit planning challenges. Navtor has recently completed a major upgrade of its Navstation software and introduced new features that provide enhanced security, ease of use, accuracy and efficiency to the digitized shipping industry.

Signal Group, a marine technology investment firm, is the developer of Signal Ocean Platform, a SaaS platform for commercial optimization of shipping. DeRecktor Shipyard Hires Steady The shipyard announced Thursday that Jan Steady has joined the company as Chief Operating Officer.

IBCS has delivered advanced and powerful C4I systems to IAMD Poland and Northrop Grumman looks forward to supporting Poland and its European allies with industry-leading solutions in the future.

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Other maritime softwares

The efficient new hull shape was developed in collaboration with Southerly Design, CFD Analysis and Optimization and Seaspeed Marine Consulting. This means that the land-based team using Navfleet will have more visibility and control over ship operations, enabling ongoing awareness and optimization.

Deepsea Technologies has secured $5 million in fresh financing from existing and new investors to advance technology and product research, as well as design development for shipping, digitalization, and decarbonization. New ships will make constructive improvements based on operator feedback to improve performance and strategic marines following the successful launch of the Gen 3 design.

In 2004 Jeppesen acquired SBS International, a New York City-based provider of crew scheduling services. It was 2007, when the company purchased C-Map, a provider of digital maritime cartographic data services and other navigation information. By 2016, Jepkesen sold its marine division to Digital Marine Solutions.

Reaching new horizons

The company was founded in 1934 by Elrey Borges Jeppesen, a pilot who had worked for Varney Air Lines and was the first to create in-flight navigation maps for pilots. In 1989, Lockheed bought DataPlan Redtube, a flight planning and weather services company.

Jeppesens, now known as Jeppesen Sanderson, is an American company that provides navigation information, operational planning tools, and flight planning products and software. On October 23rd, 2006 The New Yorker reported that the company was responsible for the logistical planning for the extraordinary returns flights of the CIAs.

The AUVs can make autonomous decisions and change their mission profile based on environmental data they receive from sensors on the go. They also allow scientists to conduct other experiments on the surface, and to collect data from the surface and the deep sea. Hybrid vehicles (HROVs) combine the design advantages of both types of vehicles on one platform.

New K-8 Distance Education Principal Mike Grable, principal of Whitman Middle School, will oversee distance education for students under the supervision of Whitman-Hanson Regional School District staff who teach under the district’s hybrid model. On Monday, the Odyssey Marine Exploration Board appointed Christopher “Chris” E.